What is cosmetic/medical tattooing?

Also known as micro-pigmentation or permanent cosmetics, medical grade pigment is implanted into the skin to enhance or redefine your natural features and help rebuild confidence in your body image.


What does the treatment involve?

First a consultation will allow us to discuss your needs and expectations, and ensure that the treatment is tailored to suit you. We take into consideration your personal style, skin tone and facial features. A full assessment of your medical health will also be carried out to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. Colours will be custom blended to suit each individual client and a template will be drawn on to help you visualise the end result – once you are happy we begin the treatment! Numbing creams are used throughout the procedure to ensure maximum comfort. Each treatment consists of two parts - your initial procedure and a retouch procedure approximately 6 weeks later to perfect the makeup and ensure client satisfaction.

What can I expect after my treatment?

It is normal to experience slight swelling, tenderness and redness to the area which will usually subside in 24-48 hours, and small scabs will begin to form as the skin starts to heal. Your new tattoo will appear darker immediately after the treatment but will begin to soften over the next few weeks. Your retouch appointment should be taken after 4-6 weeks where we can make any finishing touches that may be required. Full advice on aftercare will be given to you following your treatment!

Will it hurt?

This can vary from person to person however every effort to eliminate discomfort is taken, from application techniques through to the use of anaesthetic creams. Most clients feel nothing and some comment that the treatment is no more painful that tweezing your eyebrows. Keep in mind that you are more sensitive during your period so it is wise to avoid having your treatment at this time of the month.


How long will tattoo last?

This varies depending on each individual client. Many factors can effect how well the skin retains the pigment, for example sun bed use can cause pigments to fade much quicker. The tattoo can last anywhere from 1-5 years, however colour boosts are recommended within this time for maintenance and to ensure your tattoo is kept looking its best – remember this is a low not a no maintenance procedure.


Is it expensive?

Not if you look at the long term benefits. Semi-permanent makeup does not wash off in the shower or smudge when you are in the gym. It is a huge time saver so think of it as an investment! If you are considering semi-permanent makeup you must consider your technicians level of training and reputation when making your decision, rather than price alone. All training is not equal and as the saying goes 'pay cheap, pay twice'!


What are the risks?

As with any treatment of this nature – implanting pigment into the skin - risks can occur such as allergic reactions and undesired result however every effort it taken to minimise the risks to you, the client. The highest hygiene standards are followed. All equipment is covered with barrier film which is disposed of after each client, and of course the needles are sterile, pre-packed and single use. A full medical health assessment and patch test is required for each client before their treatment to ensure their safety.


Can I drink alcohol prior to treatment?

It is advised that you don't consume alcohol the night before or on the day of your treatment. This can thin your blood and effect pigment retention.



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