Semi Permanent Makeup

The prices listed below include two treatments to be taken within 8 weeks of each other. Each procedure requires two treatments before it can be considered complete, and this must be taken within the given time frame. If not taken within the given time frame, touch-up fees will be applied. A £50 deposit is required to secure any appointment. 

Lash Enhancement (Lower OR Upper Lash Line)


Lash Enhancement (Lower & Upper Lash Line)


Hairstroke Brows


Lip Blush


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Colour Boost

All treatments are semi-permanent and require periodic touch ups to keep your tattoo looking its best. The frequency of these are dependant on your skin type and lifestyle. 

All touch-up/colour boost treatments are only one session and a £50 deposit will be required to secure your appointment (excluding the complimentary touch up). 

Complimentary Touch-up (for new clients only)

All new procedures include a free touch up within 8 weeks.


Minor Touch Up (for returning clients only)

For the rare occasion that another treatment is required - this must be taken within 8 weeks of your complimentary touch up or yearly colour boost.


Yearly Colour Boost (for returning clients only)

Colour boosts are recommended every 12-18 months to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh. Treatments will be charged at £10 per month from your last appointment (minimum charge of 10 months) e.g 9 months = £100, 12 months = £120, 24 months = £240

From £100

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