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Is It Really That Bad To Wear Makeup To The Gym?

February 21, 2019




With summer on its way, are you making more of an effort to drag yourself to the gym? If you are then a) well done you, and b) are you removing your makeup before you go?


Once you've forced yourself into the gym after a day at work, the last thing you want to be doing is take off your makeup. The quicker you get in, the quicker you can get out... right?!


Or maybe you just wouldn't be caught dead without your brows and contour.. surely its not THAT bad for your skin?!


Well here is the answer: YES it is bad for your skin, and YES it is definitely worth the effort to remove!


As we exercise out body heats up, and in order to cool down our pores and sweat glands open up. The makeup on your skin then seeps into your pores, blocking them and in turn causing breakouts and uneven skin texture.


Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. When you think about it gyms are actually a breeding ground for bacteria. The floors, machines, yoga mats and weights can all harbour nasty bacteria that can cause our skin to break out. Whilst you won't be rubbing your face on the floor (that would be weird), you most likely will be touching your face with your hands. This should be avoided at any time, but especially when working out. Open pores + makeup + bacteria = congestion and breakouts!


But if you really can't brave the gym without any makeup at all then we have a few quick tips...



Instead of covering your face with foundation, minimise the risk of breakouts by only concealing small areas where needed such as acne, scars or hyper-pigmentation.


Tinted Lip Balm

This will give a hint of colour to your lips and moisturise them at the same time!


Waterproof Mascara

We know it can be hard to ditch the mascara, so if you can't go without then just make sure it is water resistant - panda eyes is never a good look.


Get Semi Permanent Brows

We all know how important brows are, so this is a treatment that is 100% worth the investment. No more smudged brows in the gym, or anywhere else for that matter! You can find out more about this treatment here..


Be Sure To Cleanse

Finally if you are going to wear makeup to the gym, make sure you thoroughly cleanse your skin immediately after working out using a gentle cleanser. Look for ones which contain glycolic acid- they are great for removing makeup and sweat without drying out the skin.

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