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Party Season Prep: The Secret Weapon for that Perfect Glow

December 1, 2017

The party season is fast approaching and the countdown to Christmas is on, which is the perfect reason for a bit of self indulgence! In order to look and feel your best at the various Christmas do's, it's definitely worth starting your beauty prep as soon as possible.


If you want to freshen up your skin Dermaplaning is the perfect solution. Using a specially designed tool the top layer of dull, dead skin cells and peach fuzz are removed to reveal a visibly smoother and brighter complexion. This treatment is a favourite in the film and entrainment industries because it gets rid of that pesky peach fuzz that is highlighted under bright lights and high-definition cameras... foundation loves to cling to those tiny hairs.


Bare faced the peach fuzz is barely noticeable, but as soon as you put on your makeup there it is... your 'tash and sideburns in all their




By removing the hairs it we create a perfect canvas for flawless makeup application, allowing it to glide on smoothly and blend seamlessly into your skin.


Aside from the aesthetic benefits, dermaplaning is actually a great facial treatment to improve the overall health of your skin. The manual exfoliation treatment allows for deeper penetration of skin care products and as a result the active ingredients are much more efficient. Stimulating the  surface of the skin in such a way may also help to promote collagen production, similar to the way a superficial peel would work.


Despite what you might think, dermaplaning will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. It may feel different because the hair will now be blunt at the end rather than tapered, but the hair itself is exactly the same.


Dermaplaning is completely pain free and there is no downtime - the results of the treatment can be seen straight away. Its suitable for pretty much all skin types, however as the process involves using a sharp tool those with active acne are advised to wait until their skin has cleared up before beginning treatments.


After your treatment your skin will be more susceptible to the sun. An SPF will be applied before you leave the clinic and Maisie will advise you to continue wearing an SPF in the days following your treatment. You should wear sun protection daily anyway, but it is even more important to do so after a dermaplaning treatment! You can have the treatment as a one off before a special event, or take it up once a month as a part of your skin care regime. Its advisable to allow 3 weeks for the skin to complete its regeneration cycle before your next treatment.


Click here for info on how to book in at our clinic in Stone. 

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